So…I did it: Mama Listen, You Can Judge Me Later

Mama Listen,

I had this bright idea; I should say bright, original idea (insert eye roll) to create a mom blog. I know there are thousands out there but I felt compelled. Here I am, almost 10 months postpartum and I am finally ready to tell my story. I have a story to tell and I think I have an audience who will listen. Not only will I be sharing my story, but sharing how I healed and how I am still healing. I have a good life too, a life you may find interesting.  I love fashion, cooking, and all things beauty! I am a storyteller: I can’t promise what you will find here, but I promise I will try to bring laughter, tears, help, healing, and love. Stick with me.



2 thoughts on “So…I did it: Mama Listen, You Can Judge Me Later”

  1. I’m so VERY proud of you for SO many reasons. You are a terrific daughter, an amazing wife and and an outstanding Mommy to Huck. But I’m most proud of you for being brave and sharing your story with other Moms!! ❤️😃

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