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Listen Mama, They’ll Know


You’ve heard it before…

Underneath all of the laundry, dishes, toys, and endless to-do lists, their lies your family. “The work can wait,” they say…

“Hold your baby, enjoy your time off, the laundry can wait,” they say…

Can I be real for a minute?

“the mess can wait” is just something messy people say.

Yes, it can wait, but having a clean house eases my anxiety and makes me a happier mom. I understand the concept behind this sentiment, but I could never truly follow those words of advice. In the world of motherhood, there are endless articles and letters offering unsolicited advice. No wonder we feel the need to have the perfectly decorated, shabby chic farmhouse, throw extravagant birthday parties, and make the most delicious meals and treats. DAMN YOU PINTEREST, I CAN’T KEEP UP!!!

Do I want a clean home? YES! Do I want to make delicious meals for my husband? YES…can I still do both and love on my babe? YES. I am tired of seeing these articles and posts with pictures of laundry and dishes piled up and a comment like “all of the dishes can wait, mama.” THE HELL THEY CAN! They would stink my house up and cause a panic attack from hell!

Stop telling me to leave my house a mess to prove that I love my children.

Does my house get messy…EVERYDAY. Do I put the need of a clean home above spending time with my son? NO. My son comes first and always will. However, I can still do these things that make me feel better AND love my son unconditionally.

Will my children ever understand the sacrifices I made for them? Probably not to the fullest extent.

Will my children know that I stayed up long after they went to bed in order to advance my career and complete my graduate degree? Maybe not.

Will my children remember all of the poopy diapers and blowouts? Not a chance.

Will my children remember mommy cleaning during their naps and making perfectly balanced meals? Nope.

Will my children remember making all of their dr. appointments on time? Why would they?

Will my children remember being hungry, cold, or dirty? No, because I met all of their needs before they knew they had them.

Listen Mama, they may not remember all of the things you did for them, but I guarantee you they will remember the love, laughter, and cuddles. They will remember feeling safe, happy, and carefree. They will remember how you wiped their tears and loved them beyond measure.

Listen, Mama, someday–They’ll know.

Stick With Me, xoxo


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