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Welcome To My Circus

its a circusCould you imagine people posting a sink full of dishes with a caption like “it looks like this because I just don’t care #YOLO” many of us would wonder, WHY? But then again, I would rather see that than a picture of overflowing sink and a caption like, “Can we be real?  The mess can wait, I would rather spend time with my tiny humans, nurturing their development and focusing on my  joy” (eye roll)  OH SHUT THE HELL UP, KAREN.

My Circus is a little bit of both and I am OK with that.

As mothers, we are constantly exposed to articles giving parenting advice. Blogs sharing stories of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, vaccinations, extravagant birthday parties, perfectly planned vacations, beautifully decorated homes, and SO. MUCH. MORE. I am guilty of this and I even have plans for the future to accomplish some of the EXTRA things. Most of the time, people just want to share what works for them in hopes of helping someone else. My goal? Well, to share my life in a therapeutic way for myself, but to also reach someone who may need it. People write and share what they know- so go for it, mama; Share those posts. Sometimes I am that mom who is extra. I do A LOT with my son and family and I am lucky to have the means to do it. I may seem like that mom who others strive to be, or I may seem like that mom who gets the “what a mess” glance in the grocery store because I am wearing my pj pants. I’d like to think I provide a good balance for all of you onlookers 🙂 Welcome to my circus, friends.

As humans we are inundated with the powers of social media. Look to left….Karen and her beautiful family are on an extravagant family vacation. Look to right, Bobby and his beautiful wife just ran their 2nd marathon this year. Look up, Johnny and his “boys” are on a hunting trip, “living their best lives”..  Turn around…Michelle is posting a bouquet of flowers with a cheesy caption about how much she is loved. WAIT- LOOK OVER THERE, Carrie is posting a bikini pic for the 7th time this month. WE GET IT, YOU HAVE A HOT BODY…. GET OVER YOURSELF. Then, Look down….Welp, there is Katie just trying to survive lol.

Can we take a minute to thank those people on social media who are REAL just because. I am not talking about those posts that tell you they are being REAL, (insert eye roll). I want to see people who are just living REAL and they don’t have to shout it out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good reality post, but do you want to know the posts that I really love? Brittany sharing her son’s first day of school, Kelsey sharing her two beautiful boys snuggling on the couch, Courtney sharing a picture of her sweet son enjoying his first basketball game. Krystle sharing pictures of her and her fiance on a date night. Amanda sharing a picture of her baby bump, Dana sharing pics of her daughter at her first high school dance, or Haleigh sharing picture of her beautiful destination wedding in NYC….. I LIVE FOR THESE POSTS! I love when I see pictures of real people living real lives. Sometimes my own posts are extra; beach photos, birthday parties, delicious meals, etc. Then, sometimes it is a cute picture of my son with piles of laundry in the background…if you look real close…you may even see the McDonald’s bag on the table, the toys scattered on the floor, and my husband passed out on the couch from working a 12 hr day. It is in those TINY details where I appreciate the realness. Not the posts that have to prove something.

My son just turned 1 and I threw a party for him. I worked endlessly on centerpieces, backdrops, and I even spent over a 100 bucks on his cake. Personalized onesie, personalized party favors, delicious food, games, decorations, etc. I wanted to have it all. YES I even used Pinterest for inspiration. Was I extra? Hell yes, and people noticed. I went all out and I even posted about it. Do I post things that get an eye roll from some people? I guarantee it. BUT- I try to show my life as it is. See, the thing about facebook is it is simply a high light reel- of course we are going to post the good stuff. Would we post all the bad and expect people to enjoy it? It is a place to share joy, but I challenge you to stop posting to prove something- I feel bad for you because it is exhausting. We post how we want people to view us, and some people just post when they feel compelled and aren’t trying to prove a god damn thing. Whatever it is, just do you. I may roll my eyes at Anna’s  weekly bikini pics, but if that is what feeds her soul, you go girl.

What we need to do is change how we react to it. Those posts will always be there, so don’t compare yourself, don’t feel like you have to compete, just live your life and post what you want. When writing this I felt like I was putting my own foot in my mouth…. I post the highlights….. don’t we all? I don’t posts the late nights, the blowouts, the knock down drag out family feuds, the bedroom with baskets of laundry everywhere and the overflowing diaper pail- I just don’t do it, but it exists.

This is my circus and I am proud of it.

PS- Sharing some pics from my son’s first birthday. I did some DIY, but mostly used Etsy and Amazon. I would love to see your babes birthday’s in the comments!


take one.jpg
Printable Circus Signs from AnnaAndIvyEvents on Etsy

happy  birthday.jpg

huck circus.jpg
Circus onesie and Circus Poster from: PartyMonkey on Etsy!


coloring book.jpg
Coloring book favor from: CrayCrayolaLady on Etsy

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